Terms and Conditions

We start with an intake and speak about the goal we want to achieve in the massage, coaching or therapy. During the intake I can refuse to perform the appointment; for example when I notice excessive alcohol and drugs use or not advisable to other physical symptoms or disorders. After this we sign both a form about limits and borders in the treatment.

I work with pure, warm olive or coconut oil, depending on your skin type. I use an organic product which gives good results for people with skin problems like eczema, rash, callosity, etc..

Kaya massages and coaching is not responsible / liable for material and / or intangible damage arising before, during and after treatment. A treatment at Kaya massages and coaching is entirely at your own risk.

Nothing may be copied from this site, distributed, stored in a database and / or published by means of printing, photocopying to other websites, databases or any other means whatsoever without the prior written consent of Kaya massages en coaching.