Kaya coaching or therapy


I work with the RET method (Rational Effectivity Training)
I can only offer coaching in the Netherlands. It may be the case that there multiple sessions are needed. Please send me a e-mail if you like to know more about coaching.


In my experience the Kaya Tantra massage that I offer has a tremendous healing effect already by itself. Nevertheless, I have met many people who still have blockages, issues or perhaps struggle with trauma, sometimes without even realizing it. That is why I decided to go deeper into these areas. I have been recently undergoing additional training in Tantra Kaula Therapy. This enables me to give more specific therapeutic sessions. The difference with my Kaya Tantra massage is that the touch and breathing is more intense. The massage goes deeper, which can feel a bit painful. We work with a so called de-armouring technique.

In short this means: return to your natural unaltered state of being. In our lives we often have negative experiences trapped in our bodies. We try not to feel pain and put therefore a defensive shield up. Unfortunately by doing this, we prevent our beautiful life and sexual energy from flowing free within our bodies.

In this Kaya Tantra therapy session we will try to break down the armour. We explore and make you aware of this shield or the resistance that you have built up. This session has much more intensity than my normal breathing sessions. The technique is a combination of light strokes on the skin to very deep ones within the structures of the body. This can be experienced as painful, which is not surprising, considering the fact that breaking a shield requires some force. With the help of deep breathing the pain will disappear and your body and mind will move into complete surrender and relaxation.


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