Coaching or therapy

I would like to give you feedback that is aimed at giving you a positive insight into your own well-being and behavior. The flow or not of your sexual energy. In order to give this positive feedback I try to get this information from breathing exercises, your own boundary exercises, Tantra rituals and my massages. The body gives me all sorts of signals that together can form an image about your well-being.

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We often seek the cause of stress, fear, dissatisfaction or unwanted feelings outside ourselves. While not always the event or situation causes the emotion, it is our thoughts that determine how we feel. How you think determines how you feel and how your behavior is.

Coaching and therapy.

Some examples where I have a lot of experience are men who can not enjoy sex because of all kinds of performance issues. The relationship is often under pressure or there are expectations. Often there are tensions around your pelvis and your body that block the flow of your sexual energy. Or come out of the closet at a later age, now you are free and you can not fully enjoy it. I also have a lot of experience with:

Control freaks, can not relax.
Always want to be perfectionistic.
Do not indicate your own limits.
Do not feel that I touch you, to much in your head.
Step out of your comfort zone.
Always wants to be liked, pleases the other person.
Uncertainty and / or little self-confidence.
Justice, assert your ego.
Disaster thinking. Negative thought spiral.
Or maybe you want to talk about a different topic or just have your story lost, I always have a listening ear. From experience I know that just listening to someone can do a lot, especially in this modern age of fast impersonal media. Or do you find it exciting and want to first get to know and explain without a massage. Look for options at rates.

Coaching and therapy. Kaula Therapy

My bodywork as described above has an enormous healing effect in itself is my experience. Yet I meet many men that I think still struggle with (sexual) blockades, issues or perhaps a trauma, sometimes without realizing it themselves. In our lives we often record negative or emotional experiences in our bodies. We do not try to feel this pain and put on a shield (armor). We are going to harden in this way, this ensures that our beautiful sexual or life energy no longer flows sufficiently as we would like.

In a Kaya Tantra therapy session I try to break through this shield, to discover and to make you aware that this shield or resistance is built up. This session has a much more intense breathing than my normal massage session. The touches are from light as a feather to very deep in the body and can be experienced as painful, because breaking a shield requires some strength. Because of the many total stretches of your body with deep breathing, the pain will quickly disappear and change into total surrender and relaxation.