Kaya Awakening massage

The  Awakening Kaya massage is based on an Esalen massage and could be a first step if you have no experience with Tantra massages. However, even with Tantra experience you are welcome to undergo this intense integrative massage. With this massage, I use a table and also warm oil. The main goal is that I want to awaken your body and try to achieve this by slow movements. The most important difference with a Kaya Tantra massage is that I let you experience and feel your own body.

The Awakening Kaya massage aims to restore the complete body. This is also seen from my holistic vision as a bodyworker. Mostly I use techniques with slow and gentle strokes from head to toe. I also work with my forearms and sometimes I go deeper into the muscles. This is  followed by movements up and down again in, long strokes over your entire body. I also make swaying movements with your body and try to match my massage rhythm with the rhythm of your breathing. These integrative techniques can give you a thrill and feeling of total relaxation and liberation.

Originally an Esalen Massage is a unique form of massage developed by the Esalen Institute on the west coast of California. In 1982 the Esalen massage was introduced in Europe with a center in Zurich. Characteristic for this method is the combination of soft, fluid strokes over the entire body, combined with other types of massages.

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