Kaya Hug and Wrap session.

The Kaya Hug and Wrap session is not directly a massage session. It is a conscious touch of your body through hugs and intense touch of our bodies. The session ends with a wrapping. You will be wrapped in a wonderful warmth blanket and take a lot of time to experience total relaxation.

If you are touched differently, it triggers processes that not only ensure well-being, but also improve health. Many men miss loving touches, security and are hindered by this. Often even without knowing the cause of that nuisance. We call the yearning for touch “skin hunger.”

You get skin hunger due to lack or desire for skin contact. Touching is a necessity of life and just as basic as eating and drinking. Several studies have shown that most people who were not sufficiently cuddled, stroked and embraced by their parents as babies or infants later have poorer physical resistance. Skin contact stimulates the nerve endings, which in turn send signals to the brain and everything is then started and the production of substances that we need to feel good.

Security is an important feeling that contributes to a good state of mind and positive energy. Due to a lack of security, and therefore the feeling of safety, people can start to feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. This unpleasant feeling can arise when one is excluded from social activities or social groups. A lack of security can cause difficulties in your later life. For example, people who previously experienced a lack of security may now have problems with maintaining relationships. When situation with security comes before, they try to cling to it and keep it under control. A Kaya Hug and Wrap session has this goal, come experience, embrace it and discover.