Kaya partnership coaching

A Kaya relationship coaching can perhaps give a new perspective on your relationship. You want to change your relationship, it doesn’t feel like it used to be when you just got to know each other.


It is simply the case that you cannot change the other, you can only change yourself. A relationship is great again if you are both aware of your own issues and behavior. Avoiding these issues may cause more friction. To blame others for not following your desires is not the solution either. Taking the responsibility to acknowledge and embrace your own issue is the first step in changing your relationship.

What this session will look like depends entirely on what you want to achieve, I can use many options to get there. This can be with conversations, touching each other differently or the Wheel of consent exercise. It is often about knowing what the other needs, what the other thinks and feels. In this way you grow towards each other, understand each other and above all respect that nobody is the same and everyone thinks differently. This is how we want to experience our relationship?

If you have any questions or if you have a specific topic in the relationship, feel free to send an email with your questions and we may then be able to make arrangements and fully coordinate the session that you would like to achieve.

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