Kaya sexuality coaching

What is sexuality coaching? I meet many men in my practice who cannot enjoy sex due to all kinds of performance issues. Sometimes due to (sexual) blockades, issues or perhaps struggling with a trauma, sometimes without realizing it. There are many men who find it difficult to have sex. Maybe too fast or not able to ejaculate.

What did we get for information when we were young? I usually experience little or nothing, yet we often feel the excitement and desire for sex. Most men do not dare to express their ignorance or are ashamed of it, while it may be beautiful and valuable. The result is often that we fix these negative or emotional experiences in our body. This ensures that our beautiful sexual energy no longer flows sufficiently as we would like. With all the limitations that might occur.

Perhaps even your relationship may come under pressure or there are other expectations that put too much pressure on performance. Often the tensions and blockages arise around your pelvis that then block the flow of your sexual energy. Another issue may be that you are in your head too much or you may enjoy it. I also regularly coach men who have come out loving men at a later age, they are suddenly free but then find it difficult to enjoy it. What I also have a lot of experience with is guiding men who had to do sexually unwanted actions as a child or later in life.

If you recognize yourself in one of the above situations, please be welcome and we can discuss this further in peace. In this way we work out what you need, maybe some exercises or all bodywork. It is up to you….

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