Kaya Tantra Massage

In the West, many different types and forms of Tantra are offered. My preference is if you have never had a Tantra massage before, first experiencing my Kaya Awakening massage. Here i make the connection to Tantra. My Kaya Tantra massage can release a lot of energy and without experience perhaps a bit too overwhelming.

We start with a Kaya Tantra massage in a sarong a breathing ritual and some meditation to let you relax and make you feel safe. When you are ready, the sarong ritual is done and you lay down on the futon. I will then start the massage and use warm coconut oil. I work from a holistic view, for me this means that the body is considered as one part. A Kaya Tantra massage means that I touch you from head to toe. My touch can activate your sexual energy. This important (life) energy also expresses itself in many forms in our daily lives. If you become aware of the sexual power in yourself, you become more energetic and creative. My hands will communicate with your body so you go out of your head and back into your body, so you can feel this energy intensely.

But Tantra is much more ….

Tantra is a path of self-examination. It is the execution of deep love and interest in the mystery of life and all its manifestations. Tantra is about your own truth, about recognizing and acknowledging it. Dare to be in contact with it. It is about life awareness and being who you really are. Tantra is a life lesson and says: Just be yourself. Society has a tendency to put us into boxes, whether you are gay, straight, bisexual, married or partnered. Tantra is not about judging you. It requires a great willingness to look through your pain and your limitations and to understand this. This creates space for transformation and growth.

The path of Tantra invites you to be present in all of this, to be in touch, sensitively, with yourself and with others. Tantra does not distinguish between vital energy and sexual energy. It is pure, primal and powerful, and in its natural flow is a source of inspiration and creation power.
Tantra invites us to release the rigidity with which we use our vital energy or sexual energy that we suppress. It invites you to your own sexual investigative  energy, to sense, to meet, to recognize and to embrace it. For the curious, explore and feel your sexual energy. You do not need to have sex, just as you do not need to be destructive when you feel anger. The path of Tantra offers different practical exercises for this self- examination, your own vibrancy, strength, playfulness and spirituality. In my practice, I will invite you to learn to deal with this kind of personal growth. Tantra emphasizes that everything you are looking for is within you. It helps you to focus inwards, feel the balance in life and to find yourself, thereby with an empathic richness to know other people better. This frees you from the misconception that the key to personal growth lays with others and our propensity to selfishly blame our environment.

Physical touch is an important necessity of life. For many of us touching is more exciting rather than relaxing. We usually touch, or receive touch, with a goal or expectation. With a caressing and loving touch, blocked emotions can be felt again and may be released. A safe space and a loving environment are important conditions for experiencing deep intimacy with yourself. To be intimate with yourself means to be close to your own feelings.
The surrender to our inner power affects our whole system, physically, mentally and energetically. It is the experience of this deep relaxation that makes us more sensitive, which opens us, brings softening and back to our true essence, namely: being yourself.

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