My name is Andreas, a masseur and coach. My practice is based in Zwolle, The Netherlands. Besides these professions I am a certificated part-time social worker. I participated in the Wellness Masseur Total course of the Massage Academie Nederland. I completed a workshop Esalen massage and a beginners course in Ayurvedic massage and did many Tantra massage and Tantra yoga workshops. In 2016 I finished my certification (EATP) for professional bodyworker to integrate the Tantra Kaula therapy. And I started the course stress releasing excersices.

Tantra massage ZwolleMy massages, coaching and therapy for men can be see as a personal development and growth. To start I advise clients to undergo a Kaya Awakening massage which can be an introduction to the experience of healing and awareness of your body. A Kaya Awakening massage is based on an Esalen massage. You will be massaged on a table. The second step is a Kaya Tantra massage. I let you experience more your sexual energy. In a Kaya Tantra massage you can just be yourself and who you are. It’s all good, without judgment. You will be massaged on a futon on the ground. The third step can be the Kaya therapy for people who might still be struggling with blockages, issues or even trauma, without realizing it. You will be massaged on a futon.

The last step can be a stress releasing session, I can teach you this self method of tension releasing excercises, which you can do at home. Besides all of these therapies I can offer you coaching.