Partner massage/coaching

Tantra partner massage course or Kaya partner coaching session.

Doing a Tantra massage together, you have thought about it more often and maybe talked to your partner about it. You would like to experience it, but to do that right in a group is a threshold. And I understand that very well.

If you want to do the Tantra partner massage together, I can let you take the first steps to gain experience with Tantra, by offering you a simple Kaya Tantra massage course. You will decide what this course will look like: what do you want to learn from Tantra and what do you want to do with it. We agree in advance what your goal is for this course and I put together an interesting session that meets your needs, so nothing is fixed in advance. It is up to you.

I often meet couples that have grown apart or that the relationship is a bit stiff. Here you want to change, this Kaya partner coaching session is ideal to come together again. This way we can investigate your partner’s expectations and better understand each other what you need

My feeling says that many men and women think that intimacy and sexuality are the same. Then it may be that we use these terms interchangeably and that false expectations arise. Intimacy is a feeling of solidarity with another. In the contact with that other person, you feel completely at ease, perhaps your authentic self. The more intimacy you experience, the happier and more loving you can feel. It is good to know that different forms of intimacy occur. Not only does each form contain characteristic knowledge, but it also requires specific skills.
In my session we will work with the following 6 forms of intimacy. Here one is not more important than the other. They are all present more or to a lesser extent. However, the degree of importance differs from person to person. The forms are:

Physical – Emotional – Mental – Social – Sexual – Spiritual.

I offer these Kaya partner coaching sessions for men and women. Ample experience is present. You can also do the Tantra massage course alone, try to find a model that loves massages and has a little patience. If you really do not know anyone, I can provide a model. The rate is slightly higher. This course takes an average of 3 hours.

Tantra partner massage

It is better if you bring someone else who also wants to do the course so that you can practice each other. This may be a friend or partner or someone you feel good about. It can also be a nice step to come together again in your relationship if you bring your partner. We discuss in advance the objective of this course and what you want to achieve. This course takes an average of 4 hours or with coaching in consultation.

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