Kaya massage courses

Do you want to learn to massage alone or with your partner? A Kaya massage course is what you are looking for. Or do you just want to know more about Tantra or an Awakening massage. You would like to experience it sometime, but to do that right now in a group is a threshold. And I understand that very well.

If you want to do the Tantra or Awakening massage together with your partner, I can let you take the first steps to gain experience with Tantra and my Awakening by offering you a simple Kaya Tantra or Awakening massage course. You decide how this will look like: what do you want to learn from Tantra or Awakening massage and what do you want with it. This is usually a 4-hour course.

We agree in advance what your goal is for this course and I put together an interesting session that meets your needs, so nothing is known in advance. It’s up to you.

If you are alone I can also teach you a Kaya Tantra massage or Kaya Awakening massage, I work with a model or you bring a friend who is available as a model. You can also indicate here exactly what you want to learn and what your goal is to learn to massage. This workshop is on average 3 hours. If I have to provide a model, it will cost an extra € 30

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