Tantra partner course

Doing a Tantra massage together, you have often thought about it and maybe already talked about with your partner. You would like to experience it but to do that right in a group is a threshold, and I understand that very well. This course i offer only for men.

I can let you take the first steps to gain experience with Tantra. I can offer you a simple Kaya Tantra massage course. You will decide what this course will look like, what do you want to learn from Tantra and what do you want to do with it. We agree in advance what your goal is for this massage.

Here are two possibilities:

You can do him alone, if you know someone who wants to be model it would be great. If not,  i arrange a model and I will explain  everything to you. The price will be different then. This course takes about 3 hours.

It’s more fun if you bring someone else who want to do the also the course. So you can practice directly on each other. This may be a friend or partner or whoever you want to bring along what feels good for you. It can also be a great step to get back into your relationship. We discuss in advance the goal of this course and what you want to achieve. This course takes about  4 hours.