This workshop is about intimacy, we will pay attention to 6 different forms of intimacy with a group of up to 12 men.
We will start on Saturday 22 December at 10.00 am and I expect that we can finish around 18.00. We will do different exercises with or without touches, but also some meditation and yoga. Be surprised …
Costs are € 90, – p.p and this includes lunch. The workshop is given in Studio Yoga in Zwolle.
What is intimacy?
My feeling says that many men think that intimacy and sexuality is the same. Then it may be that we use these terms interchangeably and that false expectations arise. Intimacy is a feeling of solidarity with another. In the contact with that other person, you feel completely at ease, perhaps your authentic self. The more intimacy you experience, the happier and more loving you can feel. It is good to know that different forms of intimacy occur. Not only does each form contain characteristic knowledge, but it also requires specific skills
This day we start with the following 6 forms of intimacy. Here one is not more important than the other. They are all present more or to a lesser extent. However, the degree of importance differs from person to person. The forms are:
Physical – Emotional – Mental – Social – Sexual – Spiritual
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