Nashville statement.

Remember the Nashville Statement? That was the anti-LGBTQ document created by the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) and signed by more than 150 evangelical leaders. It condemned marriage equality, rejected the existence of transgender people, and claimed that “faithful Christians” must oppose LGBTQ rights. (It also denied evolution by claiming Adam and Eve were actual people.

(Just because.)

It was basically a declaration that True Christians™ were against LGBTQrights, not to mention basic human decency.

Now, that document has been translated into Dutch. It’s been signed by roughly 250 Christian leaders in the Netherlands — all men, of course, some of whom are politicians — and it’s infuriating citizens (including more progressive pastors) who thought their nation cared more about civil rights that these pastors would lead others to believe.

It is just sad…..

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